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New Italian Actress, Geneme

A new rising start from Italy. Originally from Ethiopia, Geneme grew up in Padua where she learned of her passion for dance at an early age and continued to study it at a professional level for eight years. Her love for dance led her into a career in acting, where she first appeared in the HBO series “We Are Who We Are”, and the RAI series “Alligatore” in 2020. Following those series, she landed the role as Marta in the RAIPLAY series, “Nudes” directed by Laura Lucchetti.

In 2021, she gained the role of Sara, one of the nine protagonists of the musical drama, “Backstage” directed by Cosimo Alemà and produced by Eagle Pictures. That same year, she joined the cast of “Qua è Rimasto Autunno” as the protagonist Ife.

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Production: Monkey Business Creative Studio
Photo: Paolo Santambrogio
Styling: Simone Folli
Fashion Assistant: Nadia Mistri
Make Up: Maddalena Brando
Hair: Sergio Castiglia

Alabama, the lovers

Stefanel Spring 22


Four women, a wheat field that become a common ground for talking about themselves and recounting childhood memories that surface while observing the sunset over the sea. Going back in time, retracing the steps that lead to the definition of one’s identity.
The photos and the campaign video capture the perfect moment: the one in which the most spontaneous and light-hearted side of four different expressions of femininity emerges, whose common denominator is the consciousness and the desire to declare their emotions fearlessly.

The new Stefanel Spring Summer 2022 campaign, shot by Paolo Santambrogio with the fashion direction of Alessandro Buzzi, is set in Sicily, Italy, in the Plemmirio Nature Reserve and stars Mathilda Gvarliani, Mathilde Brandi, Anaïs Mali and Marianne Schröder.


Pinko “Deep in Vogue”

Stefanel ADV – Winter 21

Piombo ADV Winter 21

Denim Fall 21

Denim Fall 20

“Stefanel 2021, new beginnings”

Stefanel’s new ADV for the brand’s relaunch.
Creative direction, casting, location scouting and production of photography and video contents for ADV, digital projects and editorials to e-commerce contents, we designed and produced an integrated 360 degree campaign for the new collection.


E-commerce and digitals

E-commerce online

A project developed for Jock&Nerds Magazine.

A touch of sartorial portraying urbane inspiration