Monkey Business

Set in Rome, with love

TOD’S the Handmade project

Production: Monkey Business Creative Studio
Photo & Video: Nacho Alegre
DOP: Federico Teoldi
Set design: Laura Doardo

Elegance. Classy. Harmony.

Production: Monkey Business Creative Studio
Photo: Floriana Giacinti
Mup: Karin Borromeo
Models: Irene Bonchuk
Video: Giorgio De Marco


Piombo Fall 2022



COLORS IN THE CITY / Fall Winter 22

Coin has a colorful restart for a season that is full of enthusiasm.

The new campaign that we are announcing today is yet another step in a wider innovation path that the company is taking. It is a project that involves Coin at 360 °, starting from our stores that have been enriched with a very current brand mix over the past year, with new formats like Lifestyle Hub, Beauty Innovation, and Coin Season, as well as from our marketplace, to get to know our communications audience.


Piombo Summer 22

Kids get back to School!

Joseph rides his bicycle across the park and stops in front of the school’s front door.
He adjusts the headphones to his ears and, by clicking on PLAY button on his Walkman, starts a song.

The bell is about to ring: it’s the first day of a new one exciting school year, including books, gym, recreation\sand lots of laughs and is getting ready to begin.
Everyone will see it from their own point of view: the one that loves making jokes, like Simone; of those who love to color with chalks, like Flavia; of those who shoot at goal and always score, like Elettra.

For all of them, find friends and school
spaces is a time to celebrate.