Monkey Business

Piombo Fall 2022



Kids get back to School!

In sella alla sua bicicletta a sella lunga, Joseph attraversa
il parco e arriva di fronte all’ingresso della scuola.

Si aggiusta le cuffie alle orecchie e, cliccando sul
pulsante PLAY del suo walkman, fa partire una canzone.

La campanella sta per suonare, è il primo giorno di un nuovo
entusiasmante anno scolastico, tra libri, palestra, ricreazione
e tante risate, si appresta a cominciare.

Ognuno lo vivrà dalla sua prospettiva: quella di chi ama
gli scherzi, come Simone; di chi adora colorare coi gessetti,
come Flavia; di chi tira in porta e fa sempre goal, come Elettra.

Per tutti loro, ritrovare gli amici e gli spazi
della scuola è un momento da festeggiare.

COLORS IN THE CITY / Fall Winter 22

Coin has a colorful restart for a season that is full of enthusiasm.

The new campaign that we are announcing today is yet another step in a wider innovation path that the company is taking. It is a project that involves Coin at 360 °, starting from our stores that have been enriched with a very current brand mix over the past year, with new formats like Lifestyle Hub, Beauty Innovation, and Coin Season, as well as from our marketplace, to get to know our communications audience.


Stefanel Spring 22

Four women, a wheat field that become a common ground for talking about themselves and recounting childhood memories that surface while observing the sunset over the sea. Going back in time, retracing the steps that lead to the definition of one’s identity.  
The photos and the campaign video capture the perfect moment: the one in which the most spontaneous and light-hearted side of four different expressions of femininity emerges, whose common denominator is the consciousness and the desire to declare their emotions fearlessly.


The new Stefanel Spring Summer 2022 campaign, shot by Paolo Santambrogio with the fashion direction of Alessandro Buzzi, is set in Sicily, Italy, in the Plemmirio Nature Reserve and stars Mathilda Gvarliani, Mathilde Brandi, Anaïs Mali and Marianne Schröder. 


Piombo Spring 22

“You’re worth it”

“My Star Mascara” is a mascara compilation campaign for L’Oréal Paris and is featured in Italian national TV, in stores and on SoMe.
Created in collaboration with McCann Worldwide and is featuring following talents: Bebe Vio, Elisa Maino, Annie Mazzola, Fiore Manni.

Stefanel ADV – Winter 21